Fishing Vessels and Workboats

Careful selection of propeller geometries allows for maximum efficiency in deep sea fishing vessels when under either half or full load. Hung Shen offers a robust collection of propellers in our standard line up. However, standard series propellers may not be ideal for some vessels. With today’s high output engines, shallow draft considerations among many other challenges, Hung Shen is ready to engineer and build the right solution for your vessel.

Tuna Purse Seiner

The silent propeller designed and delivered by Hung Shen has been installed on the Tuna Purse Seiner constructed by Ching-Fu Shipbuilding company, and enables the ship to achieve a low underwater acoustic level radiated by propeller during the operation. Thus, it not only increases the fish catch, but also reduces the noise and vibration level in the cabin.

Energy saving and low vibration level are also important for small F.R.P. fishing boat. We design skewed propellers to meet such requirements.

Hung Shen applies the modified skewed Kaplan propeller for the tug boat to reduce the vibration level without effecting the cost towing force.